Tips to Build a Wine Cellar in a Limited Space

wine cellar

Most wine enthusiasts who wish to have their wine cellar at home sometimes feel anxious to use their basement. They think that their basement has a little space to place their wine. Well, such a condition should not be a problem. According to an article in, you can still build your ideal winery despite distance and funding problems. You can turn a small space into a pretty wine storage system that you wish, as long as you follow several tips below.

Room Space

wine rackWhen building a wine cellar at home, the space room can big or small based on your wish. The rooms under the cupboards or stairs are even possible because simplicity matters to optimize a residential wine cellar. With a small room space, you can utilize trendy rack to display your wine elegantly and fits in your room at the same time. More importantly, owning a small room space for home wine cellar has more benefits, especially when it comes to construction costs.

Wine Rack

You can display your wine bottles in many ways focusing on refinement, availability, private satisfaction, or space efficiency. However, the wine rack size, design, and cost play a decisive role in this matter as there are many varieties of wine accessories and shelves in the market. You can choose Diamond bins, quarter round display, or even single bottle storage rack as long as it fits your wine bottle collection. The diamond container design is very popular as it allows you to store a whole range of wine bottles that can enhance the room space. It uses a lattice design that is more beneficial to help the proper air circulation around the bottles. The price of the diamond bin rack is even low.

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Wood Type for Wine Rack

As wood has better consistency in terms of strength, color, and texture, many people often choose to use it to customize wine cellar. The popular types of wood are pine, redwood, and mahogany, with each special characteristic to enhance your limited wine cellar room.

Pine might be the most common and preferred wood species. However, it is a wonderful choice if you have a low budget to build your cellar. You can choose white pinewood for its great resistance to cracking, deformation, or splitting, although the yellow one is stronger. Meanwhile, redwood is known to be more durable compared to pine. High-quality redwoods are available in white, pink, red, and red/brown at affordable prices. They are 100% biodegradable and have a natural resistance to rot and insects. Compared to others, mahogany is probably the strongest one than many kinds of wood. It is famous for its stability and resistance to rot, although its great quality cost more money than others.

Wine Cooling System

Installing a wine cooling system can help to mature your wine safely by controlling the wine room’s humidity and heat. Therefore, choose one that provides different temperatures and insulation setting options to store the wine. Ensure it is economical and consumes less energy, too. As temperature and humidity are the most important aspects of wine storage, check out the climate zone you live in and adjust your wine cooling system. The WhisperKool system is designed small, making it perfect for limited wine cellar space with a well-insulated and well-ventilated cellar. Its flexibility in terms of space requirements allows architects to create the wine cellar well immediately.